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Learning something requires process

Learning something requires process

  • Public speaking,
  • Having confidence

Presenting something in front of a class is not easy as I thought it was going to be because you're going to be exposed in front and speaking to many people. Way back home in the Philippines I wasn't that kind of person who likes to present in front or even recite something on class even it's my language because I grew up with a family where my family members does not have connection with each other. So I grew up with no confidence in myself and become so shy person.

But when I came here in Canada my life really changed, I thought it's gonna be easy for me to communicate using an English language but it wasn't. Since I'm a shy type person I couldn't talk to someone using English. When school starts again, I wasn't that ready but I have to! At first, I thought I have to introduce myself in front but thank God because I didn't do that. It's kinda nervous and it's also kinda embarrassing to be in front with your classmates and teachers who's listening to you. You may missed pronounce words and your classmates will laugh at you is gonna be the most embarrassing moment in your life. Personally, I am a shy type person who doesn't want to be exposed to many people. I don't even want to talk to someone or approaching/asking them how was their day? or how's their school?

But since, each day of my life I learned how to be confident to speak to other people without any hesitation or nervous, I also learned how to present in front with confidence. And I learned those because my teachers really pushed me to do that, they were the one who believed in my skills and they were also the one who told me that I can do it. They said that I have to believe in myself and to conquer my fears and now, I already have the confidence to present in front without any fear or any hesitations. And because of my teachers out there who really taught me to be very confident, Thank You! Because of you all, I stepped out my self to my comfort zones. And to those students out there who has fear and hesitating to present in front, You all can do it!! Just always practice, believe in yourself, and have confident to show your ability to others. I hope, I inspire some of you! :)