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The Crash

The Crash

  • C.N. Tower,
  • Crash

One day, I was biking with my family to the C.N. tower. It was a nice bike ride, until the incident on the way back. I was biking around a corner when a car came zooming around. I was hit. I was so scared, and I thought that was the end, but luckily, they braked in time, and all I got from it was a scar. Even so, I am forever traumatized, and I will not bike to the C.N. tower ever again. This event changed me as a biker, not because of the Tower itself, but because of the fact that I was taking the route to the C.N. tower when I got hit (I will still walk to it though).

The end

CN Tower

Picture of the C.N. Tower, which is a skinny tower with a point at the top.

One of the tallest structures in the world.