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Getting my work done

Getting my work done

I’m in grade 8 and go to school from Monday to Friday. I take a bus to my specialized program and that takes about an hour each way. I have 6 classes each day and sometimes have to move to a different classroom. I use a computer to write with but this year I have been trying to write with a pencil or pen and paper because my computer keeps breaking. Sometimes I HAVE to write with pencil and paper because that’s all the teacher supplies for a test or worksheet or because it’s a lot of extra work to look at a printed exercise sheet then put answers on a blank google doc and go back and forth. It gets confusing sometimes and I get distracted.

I don’t like having to change from one class to another because I don’t get time to focus on a topic or project. The topics and projects have lots of steps and I need time to figure it out and do things properly.

The other day I stayed home from school and worked in my mom’s studio with her. She has a big table with a bench that I sat at for the morning. I worked on a project that was due in a couple of days. What I liked about working at home, besides being with my cat and dog, was that I could take as much time as I needed to do the project, ask my mom questions and get answers right away, stand up and walk around, talk about things that interested me related to the project (but not part of the project), and have help understanding the instructions for the project.

I presented my project the other day in class and think I did ok, but was sad that I forgot to talk about a few things.

I might be able to do school work from home at least one day a week, my mom is talking to the school about it. I was trying to figure out if I can do school work better in the morning or afternoon to help decide if I should do half days at home or one full day. My mom suggested that maybe the mornings are better because I’m usually the first one up (sometimes even at 3am!). But I’m thinking about all the other things in my day that I have to do: cleaning the cat litter, walk the dog, my homework, chores—stuff like that. And the things I want to do: video games, reading, video games, badminton, video games, mindfulness martial arts, video games (hahaha).

I don’t want to give up my friends in school, the ones whom I’ve known since I started going to another school outside my community in grade 4. They know me and I know them and we play games during the lunch break.