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Future Destination

Future Destination

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A Programmer's Life

2017, the most special and important year for me, which I finally found my own future destination after 16 years wandering in the world. It happened when I was choosing my grade 12 courses for next school year. I spent more than 4 months to solve it , even though most people think it's not too hard to design their future. During those 4 months, I muddled through each day, didn't know what to or what's the meaning of my life.

The turning point would be my parents heard my story and flied to Canada to help me out. I finally decided that i'm going to learn about computer science, and try to become a programmer after me and my parents had an argument.

Few months later, I looked back to figure out why did I feel it's hard and why I could not make my own decision. Suddenly, I realized that the main reason would be I was not sure what's my hobby or what I really like to do. Also, I was afraid of making bad decision that will destroy my whole life. I asked my parents one more time, they said:"Don't be afraid at all. In the future, if you find that you don't like what are you doing, you can choose another pathway, as long as you want. There is no right or wrong about future, only you like or not. Beside, you are a only 16 years old boy who has lots of time to waste or make wrong decision." My dad told me about his story. He said he doesn't like to work in the bank when he was 27, so he jumped out and spent 2 years to learn statistics which was what he liked. Later on, he was hired by another company, and he enjoys what he is doing now.

After all, I understand that the worst thing is staying at current achievement and never moving forward, instead if you make decision that you don't like, at least you can learn from it.