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Bad friends around you - suggestions

Bad friends around you - suggestions

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Avoiding bad friends around you is a skill that you have to have in your daily life.

Why do you need to avoid bad friends around you? Cause there are some bad thinkings and bad habits, and some of them can't figure out or don't want to listen to others' suggestions about them. If you stay with them day by day, you will kind of following their habits, their bad speakings, and at that time it is too late for you to change your habits, you would be used to it.

There are some people showing themselves, speaking loudly at the public places, saying something bad, that will give you the first feelings about them, remember them and try not to have an intersection with them.

There are also some people act great at first, but some small habits or actions in daily life will destroy the good feelings that you have built for them. Then just keep away from them.

But, the things up top is based on you don't have a strong character on leading your friends. If you don't want to change your mind and you do have the skills that can change your friends from bad to good, then do it.

Life is a strange thing and full of regrets, but do not regret staying away from your bad friends. If you have something concerned about with your friends or worried about if your friends are good or not, first you must have correct views based on your life. And focussing on your friends, maybe you can notice something that you won't find in your daily life. That maybe will change the feelings about your friends.

There are also some problems caused by bad friends, such as loving couples, strange thinkings, bad mood. That is why you need to have this important skill in your life. There is an old saying in China, "if you stay beside the ink, you will become black one day", it basically means that your friends can influence you. So think about the friends beside you and make the decisions now.