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Learning to drive a car

Learning to drive a car

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I learned to drive a car. I chose to this to tell because It was memorable and I can't forget those memories with my dad. My dad and I was on a car. He's teaching me to drive a car. On that time I realized that driving a is not easy. When my sister is driving I always get bored because her speed is 40 kph all the time. I always tease her because I don't like when the driver is driving slow and steady. At first time, I wasn't expected that driving is way too hard than driving a bicycle. I thought driving a car is easy but suddenly when my turn or when my dad declared that I'm next to my sister, I get nervous.

Driving a car for me is very difficult because my feet on that time can't reach the fuel guage. I remember on that time my dad was giving up on me because I had a hard time learning. Were almost get crash and my dad was nervous too. I wasn't really expected that driving a car is not easy. We took 2 to 5 hours a day just to teach me, and I really appreciated those effort of my dad. My dad really don't gave up on me but he motivated me that I can overcome my driving lesson.

After 3 months, I can now drive a car without my dad. Because of him I now can drive independently. The most difficult I've experienced is driving, but now I'm now good at driving and I can now drive at highways