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How My wife and I decided to move to Canada

How My wife and I decided to move to Canada


I would like to tell a story that how My wife and I decided to move to Canada.
After I graduated from university in China,I found a relatively good job and got married with My wife.After three years hard work,We bought an apartment in My hometown and got a higher position in My company,everything seemed good that time.
However,things were changing! In October,2016,My wife and I traveled to Europe in our honeymoon.It was during that time that We found The world outside was colorful, and there were different people and different culture there. We realized that there was a lot of things We should experience,instead of the repeated everyday life  in My homecity.

Our trip to Europe

After struggling for a long time, We finally made a decision that We would give up everything in my hometown and move to a new country-Canada.
We knew that It was difficult to restart a life,but It is worthy experiencing a brand new life,which We thought was exciting!
After arriving in Canada in August,2018, It took a long time for us to settle down. Language problems,low credit,financial problems and new social systems all troubled us seriously.However,We do not fear anything,because We believe that time will help us get better and better!