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I learned to act and memorize my scripts

I learned to act and memorize my scripts

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What I learned from my teachers and classmates

In drama class my teacher teach us how to act and memorize our script . Well with the help of my classmates on my group I can enhance my acting skills, about emotions. My teacher gave a project about the influential drama teachers. Learning their styles not to do if your in the stage doing nothing just waiting for your time to come, that influential person help us not to use the same mistake as we did the time we perform in front of students and the people that watched the show.

I am the Main Character

And the day comes and everything I learned I've use it. I tried hard to avoid having the important part. in the show where I perform in teachers and students are not so nerve wreaking but this one just my classmates and teacher but so much stress. I am the main character and i need to memorize so many line I need to memorize it at home, free time, lunch and well the period I need to memorize it. I need to ask my friend for the emotions I need to put in that scene. And the most hardest thing is being the bad girl there and at first I cant finish my lines and my classmate says i'm such a good girl. i will tell you the feeling is so new to me that's why.


I will tell now is the day i'm doing it. the feeling of nervousness, the chill into my spine, the feeling of scared. memorizing my script all night long even day. looking like crazy memorizing a lines with emotion thank me that i'm with my friends less stress. I didn't look at the other performer because i'm memorizing my script. And the nervousness go in the flow the the first scene because i should be nervous in that scene. It came well and as the other putting myself in that place as the person who is doing the blind date. And the feeling that all of my blind dates are all crazy feeling tired of the craziness. And it ends well and all the chill, too much nervousness has gone and I can say no more im done.